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The Calling

There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and do this one thing, you will have accomplished everything. Yet if you remember everything else and forget this one thing, than you will have nothing done in your life.


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The Bridge Generation

Values are shifting from one set of C-Values – Competition ~ Conflict ~ Control ~ Censorship – to a new set: Connection ~ Communication ~ Consciousness ~ Compassion.
The world is re-arranging in order to come together in countless new ways – with innovative changes in our communication, our uses of technology, through conscious awareness, through people-centered action, and more.
The current generation(s) will be the ones who will have to shoulder the mental and emotional responsibility of change as they are forced to let go of both external and internal systems and states that are no longer beneficial to our future development. Our current generation(s) is the ‘Bridge Generation’, as we will be required to straddle both worlds
Some may be attracted to books/writings, or to events, gatherings, or other signifiers. Other ways to activate a person’s calling – or actualized state – may come through doing; whilst others will be through being.

The Phoenix Generation

A new awareness of spirituality will emerge, where old institutional dogmas are replaced by increasing individual gnosis. We are moving toward the empowerment of the individual – of each human being – and this is frightening for the controlling authority structures.
Those of the Phoenix Generation will usher in a period where the feminine and masculine energies of the world will be re-balanced. Human values of love, compassion, understanding, patience, tolerance, and empathy will be more openly expressed and part of an active world – and not seen as predominantly ‘female’ values. The division that separates the masculine and feminine energies will gradually be replaced by a newer energy of unity – of coming together.
An all-round intuitive energy will be the marker for the upcoming decades, and will find expression through young women of the Phoenix Generation holding key positions as change agents.
The Phoenix Generation will actualize upon this planet in accordance with generational, evolutionary trends – giving rise to a new form of consciousness. This new wave of consciousness will then gradually seep into the core of all our future societies. Our responsibility now is to fully engage and be a part of the human becoming that we truly wish to see in the world.
The new children being born will play a great part in this shift away from any vibrations (vibes) of fear, but also importantly, not be effected by them. This is because on both mental and emotional level they will no longer respond to old paradigm attractors. The tentacles of fear and the need for giving away one’s independence to external sources will not be part of their paradigm. The shift is already under way in how the human being relates with a range of non-visible fields of information.
A new ‘sound vibration’ – or energy signature – entering our collective energy field will recalibrate human consciousness into a new mode. By altering the ‘pattern recognition’ of the conscious field of humanity we may gradually begin to perceive the real existence of other-dimensional perspectives.
By altering its capacity to receive other wavelengths of information, humanity will be broadening its awareness, understanding and connection with a greater range of dimensional realities. We may than come to realise that we exist in a particular universe that reflects our energy state; intelligent life exist in a wondrous profusion of multiverses.
The work is a living work, a real, a tangible, human experience. It is up to us to become the change that than impacts on and influences our physical surroundings.
We are neither an accident of life, nor an anomaly of life either. We are an expression of the ongoing evolutionary drama unfolding upon countless planes, multiverses and multiple dimensions
We must unfold and manifest the energies that bring together, not those that tear apart; energies that unify and not divide.

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A New Era of Connection, Compassion, and Consciousness