Kingsley Dennis and I seem to be writing the same books with slightly different filters, and it’s very interesting to see the transformation through his eyes. I love the detailed way he outlines the process of the shift in consciousness, with clear description of the stages and symptoms. I also love that he is able “to turn a phrase,” to say something from a new angle that just clicks an understanding into place. In addition, Dennis takes time to intuitively examine the transformed shape and function of specific arenas like politics, education, media, and medicine. This is such a big help for us in imagining how the new reality will feel. Excellent job!

Penny Peirce, expert intuitive and author of Leap of Perception, Frequency, and The Intuitive Way

Penny Peirce, expert intuitive and author
Kingsley Dennis has a remarkable gift: he writes about topics that go beyond our everyday horizons but writes so clearly that they appear to be directly in front of us – as indeed, the transition that is the underlying topic of this book, truly is. To ground and balance the Phoenix Generation is an epochal mission – perhaps the most important educational task we could undertake today, and could ever have undertaken in humankind’s eventful history. This book tells us why this is so, and how we could live up to it. It is a “must read” for everyone concerned with our future, and aware of our moral and all-human obligation to do our best to make it a future of breakthrough rather than of breakdown.

Ervin Laszlo, Author of Science and the Akashic Field

Ervin Laszlo, Author
A new phase in human history is in the making, one that is as inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise. Kingsley Dennis sees this new dawn clearly. The Phoenix Generation is a blueprint for tomorrow — a vision of renewed meaning, hope and optimism.

Larry Dossey, MD, Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Larry Dossey, MD, Author
Kingsley Dennis has dialed into our collective emergence by laying out the complex evolutionary assignment for the rising generation and then revealing their capacity to lead us into a thriving planetary civilization. A thrilling peek at the curriculum for a new humanity!

James O’Dea, Award winning author of Cultivating Peace and former President of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

James O’Dea, Award winning author
Finally! A book that puts a thoughtfully positive and powerful face on the future, The Phoenix Generation reveals a new narrative for an rapidly evolving species—a narrative that rethinks world systems and world mythologies and tells the tale of a collaborative future where feminine and masculine energies are balanced and values of love, compassion, mutual support and tolerance are part of the living intelligence guiding our lives.

Cate Montana, author Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within

Cate Montana, author
Again, Kingsley Dennis demonstrates that he is one of very few thinkers who seem to understand the scope and subtlety of the immense transition that humanity is experiencing. Weaving both theory and practice together in an always elegant way, he paints an extraordinary, emerging picture of nothing less than a new reality that operates very differently from the familiar. It would be hard to overstate the importance of this message to a reader who deeply desires to contribute to this epochal shift.

John L. Petersen, futurist, strategist, and founder of the Arlington Institute

John L. Petersen, futurist, strategist
Where do I begin with such a powerful book? Perhaps with impact. The Phoenix Generation by Kingsley Dennis gives us a more accurate, in-depth look at the societal impact of those born since around 1982 than any other source I know. He talks about cities and governments and businesses and education, and science and medicine – even the very roots of spirituality-turned-religion-and-back-again – to show the veritable renaissance of restoration now inborn throughout the human race. There are no borders to this upsweep, no landmass that can avoid or miss this upheaval. The new kids are here, and they have a different mind, a different consciousness. And they are changing the world…As Kingsley Dennis makes clear in his book, our new kids function best on the quantum level – they pattern the phoenix, new life from the old.

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., author of Children of the Fifth World, Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, Future Memory, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story, and others.

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., author
Kingsley Dennis has captured one of the most important stories of our time. Rising from the ashes of an Old world dying and on the wings of a New world being born, a new generation is coming of age, and they, with the generations to come in the 21st century, are remaking our world in every way. The Phoenix Generation will be the crescendo of our evolving species, and the hallmark of a new era. Let us all join Kingsley in welcoming the future to our world’s stage.

Joshua Gorman, founder of Generation Waking Up

Joshua Gorman, founder of Generation Waking Up
Rarely do we hear a clarion call of hope and engagement resonate so deeply in the human heart as does The Phoenix Generation by Kingsley L. Dennis. A timely, hopeful and engaging book, an important guide for the new era that awaits us.

Jim Conlon, PhD, Holy Names University/Sophia Center

Jim Conlon, PhD, Holy Names University
The scope of The Phoenix Generation, which is addressed to those of us who are the bridge generation between the old paradigm and the one already starting to come in, is nothing short of the future of our species on planet Earth. Dennis dedicates this book to the Phoenix Generation itself, for knowing who they are and what they have to do – even if they are not necessarily the ones who will read his book.

This book, amazingly readable, accessible and exciting, is a comprehensive exploration of 3 things: the issues concerning our current, outworn mindset; the nature of the emerging consciousness and human values; and the changes we will see when the intuitive, multi-dimensional awareness of the coming generations come into play. How this man has covered all of this successfully in under 200 pages is a mystery to me! But that is the nature of this new world we are entering. Perhaps Kingsley Dennis is himself a representative of the Phoenix Generation!

It is an optimistic tour de force, an almost encyclopedic overview of the values we are shedding as we struggle through a very scary transition time, to what we are evolving towards. Dennis has his finger on the new generation’s pulse, the one that is born with intuitive access to a higher frequency of vibration, a multi-dimensional worldview, and an instinctive ability to love each other, all life, and the miraculous planet we inhabit. Bravo! Everyone who chooses to be optimistic while the world as we know it crumbles to make way for the new, should read this book! And those who are pessimistic, even more so.

Carolyn North, author of Worldshift Happens and In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World

Carolyn North, author